Medway Legends – The Film

CaligariHello everybody!

I’m Nacho Valero and I’d like to introduce Dario Garcia and Myself: thee Filmmakers.

Fortunately for you, we’re not a band with a bad name but real film makers doing their stuff in this upcoming fest.

A film? Why, about what?! You may be asking. Well, I’ll start at the beginning, but I promise to be brief.

Gabinete1We first met in Sevilla back in the late 90s when we were both studying audiovisual communication. Birds of a feather flock together; our natures and common likes – cinema, r&r, music, cookery, parties and all the ‘art thing’- quickly joined us together. We end up working on the telly, and a few years later, at the same time that the internet was filled up with countless movies to download for free, we were (in a stroke of business genius) opening a DVD rental store in our city. Continue reading


Mr Klin DJ Introduce el Festival

Mr KlinEn poco menos de un mes tenemos un festival de tal calibre en nuestra ciudad que uno anda ya nerviosito con lo que nos viene encima.
Reunir a tantas leyendas de la zona del rio Medway al sudeste de Inglaterra y tenerlos en nuestra ciudad durante 4 dias es algo unico e irrepetible.

La cantidad de grupos que tomaran parte es bien conocida por los amantes del buen Rock&Roll, pero lo que lo hace extraordinario es tener a toda esa nomina de grupos y musicos que a primeros de los 80 revolucionaron el panorama musical un tanto amuermado con el fin de la efervescencia Punk en las islas.

Tickets still available…

Continue reading

Check out Basking with the Basques

11143272_10152965283593317_1554705067344602183_nToday I’d like to introduce you to a new resource called Basking with the Basques. Currently just a Facebook page, the intention is for it to grow as a valuable introduction and tourist resource for Australians (or any humans for that matter) on San Sebastian and the Basque region.

The site is the brainwave of Esther Diffey, who married Medway Legends Weekender main man Gerald Diffey, in San Sebastian last June. (Yes, that’s them on the right, on the hill that towers over the bay). She said; “I love the Basque country & want to share as much information about this magical place with my fellow Australians, travellers & the Basques.

“I’ll bring you news, information and suggestions on what to do, where to go and why, whilst in the Basque country. Plus tips on; Places to stay, Places to eat, Things to see, How to get there, Answers to anything you may need.”

There are already dozens of posts on the site highlighting some of Esther’s favourite places – restaurants, bars, shops, hotels, in blogs and features, in the area.

CombIn fact, Esther’s latest post informs us that the Comb of the Wind, three spectacular steel sculptures in San Sebastián’s La Concha bay, were by Eduardo Chillida, a notable Basque sculptor, who, before becoming an artist had been the goalkeeper for Real Sociedad, the San Sebastián football team. Stick that in your pipe, Joe Hart!

You can find Basking with the Basques Facebook page here.

DJ Profile – Terry Darklands

Terry Darklands aka Irish Terry (pictured with his good half and his better half, Nikki)
Age 48.
Lives in Dublin.

“I became a mod in the 80s and discovered The Prisoners and from there went on to find 60s garage, freakbeat and psyche -still my favourite music to this day.

“I began DJing on the Irish and U.K. scooter rally scene in the early 90s, including Tenby in Wales, Ginger’s Egg Run in Bolton, Ayr Aces in Scotland, 3 Button Heroes in the I.O.W., GGGMGSC in Wexford & Scooter Glory in Ireland.

Terry bw“DJ spots at soul and mod clubs followed soon after and although I do less rallies these days I still DJ at clubs fairly regularly, especially in Belfast’s B-Side Soul Club. One scooter club I was in (the great goo ga moo ga scooter club) brought The Solarflares over to our rally to play.

Terry bw”Other clubs I’ve DJ’d at include Under A Plastic Cloud in Cork, For Dancers Only in Dublin & Wexford, Mind Fuzz in Dublin & Snap! in Belfast. (I also run an occasional Alternative 80s night in Dublin specialising in the more darker music from then).”

Terry’s current Top 5 Singles (in no particular order):
The Action – I’ll Keep on Holding on
The Cybermen-House of Wax.
The Daisy Clan-Glory Be.
The Gift Horses-Rosemary.
The M.V.P.s -Turning My Heartbeat Up.

Retrosonic Podcast Features the Medway Legends Weekender

13015293_1028779237159001_3790833615414263409_nThe first half of the latest Retrosonic Podcast was given over entirely to featuring the Weekender and some of its bands. The podcast is presented by Steve Worrall of Retro Man Blog, whose vast archive includes blogs on the Galileo 7, Bob Collins and the Full Nelson, Dirty Water Club, Billy Childish, JTQ, Groovy Uncle, The Masonics, The Headcoats & Headcoatees, etc.

We are delighted to say that Steve will be coming to the Weekender and, in the meantime, you can listen to the podcast here.

The Galileo 7

6783_1132590936775629_2413927644361480298_nIt could be argued that the Galileo 7, being Allan Crockford‘s first spotlight-hugging role in a third-of-a-century showbizz career, was long overdue. Seemingly content to be Graham Day’s ever-reliable four-string sidekick in The Prisoners, Prime Movers, Solarflares, and The Forefathers, The Galileo 7 now showcases his six-string, singing and songwriting skills. It’s a little known fact that Allan was originally the Prisoners’ guitarist, with Graham on bass. They switched, not because Graham was a better guitarist (at the time he wasn’t), but because he was more of a showman (as we shall see on Saturday night) and (as Al admits) a great singer. Whether Allan could always knock out superbly delicious psychedelic pop songs, or it’s a newly-found gift, we may never know.

The band has been together (with a slight change of personnel) since the turn of the decade, following his stint as joint frontman of The Stabilisers, and features Allan’s wife Viv Bonsels (late of the Fireflies) on keys, Paul Moss (from Groovy Uncle) on bass and the awesome Moon-like sticksmanship of Mole (The Embrooks, Higher State & Baron Four).

More known globally for its approach to garage music, Medway is not without its psychedelic champs. The Dentists and, of course, The Prisoners, were heavily influenced by the psych sounds of The Doors, The Byrds and Love, and The Nice, Hendrix and Syd’s Floyd respectively. More overtly psychedelic sounding than both, the Galileo 7 take as much influence from the more modern feel of Julian Cope, XTC and The Three O’Clock, than the 60s originals.

Also on Allan’s CV is bassman with the epitome of the tag ‘legendary’ Gruffmen (with Russ Wilkins, Sexton Ming and saxman Martin Waller), the original Headcoats JTQ, the Medway ‘Hippie Supergroup’ Thee Auntie Vegetable (Sexton Ming, Bruce Brand, Jamie Taylor and Ian Smith), Phaze, Goodchilde, plus ‘George Martin’ on the Dentists’ debut single and album.

As previously mentioned here, the band has out a new 7″ single and a new CD and have just returned from a hugely successful (discounting the hand-shut-in-a-van-door incident) 10 date tour of France, from which we have this brand new video of the single Cruel Bird. Dig!

The Sine Waves

The Sine Waves will kick off our weekend on Friday night, 3rd June, at Dabadaba. If Space-Age Scientific Garage Surf Instrumentals are your thing then these four entities will be right up your planet.

Sine_WavesThe band has been experimenting with audio technology in its Hastings laboratory since 2013AD and has played regularly in their home town and Brighton, as well as Liverpool, Bath, Medway, London and further afield in Belgium, Holland and at last year’s Surfer Joe Festival in Livorno, Italy. This will be their first show in Spain.

Their 8 track mini-album, released last year, will be available at the Medway Legends Weekender or by mail order from the good people at Trash Wax Records and includes originals from their live set, plus a cover of The Fly by their heroes, The Mummies.

Although Hastings is some 40 miles due south of Medway, there is a connection. Drummer Dr Magnus Psyke aka Ian Greensmith aka Vic Templar aka Vic Flange aka Herbie Greensmith, was born in Gillingham and has played with The Rubberman 12, The Dentists, Auntie Vegetable, Armitage Shanks, Ye Ascoyne d’Ascoynes and The Senior Service. The line up also includes bass woman extraordinaire, Spectrum LG, (also of Thee Jezebels), electronics genius and mad inventor Project X on keys and theramin, plus new recruit especially for the Basque mission, Molecule aka The Mighty Atom, on guitar.

10286825_830715660274699_3702300124110187365_o (1).jpgThe band’s main influences are John Barry, Barry Gray, Joe Meek, The Mummies, Buzzcocks, The Ventures, and B-52s.

Here is there long deleted and ultra rare (don’t even ask!) single, Tsar Bombo aka Joe 4.

Photos by kind permission of Zig Criscuolo.

Gerald’s Bar

11215176_10153050150868403_3129523906233747469_nThe weekender begins at Gerald’s Bar on Thursday 2nd June. For those of you in San Sebastian already it’ll be an opportunity to gather, chat, drink, eat, listen to some great music and gradually ease your way into what is going to be a great weekend. Vic Templar and Florence-Daisy Diffey will be at the deck (singular!) and some of the Medway Legends Weekender’s musicians and DJs will be relaxing Medway-style. (i.e. Getting sloshed whilst listening to Jackie Mittoo, Howlin’ Wolf and The Pretty Things).

IMG_4668Gerald is Gerald Diffey, born in Medway, and proprietor of one of the Medway music scene’s historic landmarks; Gruts. Gruts was a one-roomed sandwich cafe, which he and his girlfriend ran on a government enterprise scheme for a year until the autumn of 1988 when they sold everything they had and cycled across Europe and Asia, before hopping on a flight to Australia. At Gruts tea was sold at 20p a cup and the place would often be full of idle layabouts (i.e. the town’s numerous musicians, poets and artists) playing chess and listening to Willie Dixon, Jimmy Reed and the Small Faces on a battered old Dansette. Billy Childish v Tim Webster over two cups of lukewarm tea and a half bottle of scotch was Medway’s Fischer/Spassky.

MIC 3The Medway Legends Weekender is entirely Gerald’s brainwave. His dream to recreate a night at the legendary MIC Club c.1983 with Graham Day, Mick Hampshire, Russ Wilkins, Bruce Brand, Allan Crockford and their pals all sharing a stage once more, is about to become a reality.

He has been a Melbourne resident since 1990, where he has become a much loved and respected figure within the Melbourne food and hospitality industry. In 2007 he set up a small bar in North Carlton, a suburb a mile or two north of Melbourne’s city centre and within two years Gerald’s Bar was named as The Gourmet Traveller’s Bar of the Year (i.e. Best Bar in the whole Continent!) and continues to serve the finest booze known to humanity and play some of its best music to this day.

CarlosTwo years ago Gerald and his trusty business partner Mario di Ienno set up a pop-up bar in San Sebastian’s old town before opening a permanent bar in the Gros suburb last year. Local good guy Carlos Belio (right) completes the Gerald’s Bar management team. Take a good look at this guy, he will have the answers to all of your questions and soon he will be your new best friend in San Sebastian!

Head Chef Nick Hughes is originally from Oxford and previously worked at Gordon Ramsay’s Maze restaurant. The food at Gerald’s Bar isn’t easy to tag, which is to its benefit. As Gerald says; “I don’t know how to describe our cuisine except to say we go to market, we look at nice things, and we make them into food.”

You can read Gerald’s Guide to San Sebastian from the pages of a recent Gourmet Traveller feature here. Additionally, The GT website has just published Gerald’s Guide in 35 photos. This link opens up at photo 16, which pictures the man himself at Gerald’s Bar.

Gerald’s Bar is in the Gros district just east of the town’s second bridge, at Parragirre Kalea 13, Donostia 20001. It is about 7 or 8 minutes’ walk from Dabadaba, and a leisurely 15 minute stroll from the Old Town.Federico Garcia Lorca

New Releases from The Galileo 7, Thee Jezebels & Stuart Turner

stfes49 days and counting… Friday 15th April 2016 sees the release from Stuart Turner and his band The Flat Earth Society, which also features Bob Collins, of an eponymously titled fourth album. The album will be launched with a gig at the LV21 in Medway tonight, whilst 40 miles south, in Hastings (and tomorrow in London), Russ Wilkins plays his first gig with the Mindreaders in 28 years.

Stuart’s album follows very recent releases from the good folk at State Records, responsible for the latest 7″ platters from The Galileo 7 and Thee Jezebels, both of whom have recently tore up France and Spain respectively on week-long tours.

6783_1132590936775629_2413927644361480298_nLois & Mole from State Records will be selling their wares at Dabadaba during the Weekender, with a mouth-watering selection of Medway, freakbeat, psych and garage gems for you to take back in your luggage. The hardest working folk in show business, both will be playing on stage with The Galileo 7, The Sine Waves, Thee Jezebels and spinning some of their favourite sounds on the decks.

You can hear tasters of the Galileo 7‘s Cruel Bird & Nowhere People here.

Jez MoverThee Jezebels‘ release is a 4 track EP, the aptly named Mover & a Groover, which you can get a taster here.

And here is Glad I Knew You Then from Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society‘s new album, with a review and further details here.

DJ Profile – Lee ‘Grimmers’ Grimshaw

Lee GrimshawAlthough not a Legend, Lee is from Medway, and has been collecting records from a very young age, hanging around his local record shop (Barnaby Records, Gillingham) every day after school, Saturdays and school holidays, doing odd jobs in return for vinyl rewards, in addition to digging around in second hand record shops and charity shops. This progressed on to Saturday excursions through London record shops. The collection is still growing.

Although Lee wears several hats from the musical genre wardrobe, his main drive is anything ClubSoul/RnB/HammondJazz/LatinBoogaloo derived, along with the raw Medway sound. Born in All Saints Hospital in ’74, he grew up in the surroundings of Gillingham’s Priestfield Stadium, just missing out on the early days of the Medway ‘scene’, but born in to the Modernist world by his parents and older brothers (namely The Jam, The Who and Motown), and his Mum’s legendary Gillingham based youth club, which attracted many faces from the Medway Modernist and Scooter scene during its run between 1982-88.

DJing started at private parties from the age of 16, with guest slots also at Churchills and Queen Charlotte, but following a completed apprenticeship at GEC Avionics, Rochester, it was time to relocate in his VW camper to Newquay, Cornwall where Lee has settled since ’94. Many of the early weekends were actually spent back in Gillingham, as a base for various gig attending, including The Prisoners, Thee Headcoats/ees, Goodchilde, JTQ, Now!, End of the Beginning, The Clique and Beastie Boys, among others.

Between 2000-2015, Lee ran a regular club night with his brother, mainly in Newquay, Cornwall, widely known as Club Peel, tailor made to the lovers of Hammond Jazz, Northern Soul, Funk, Latin, Exotica, Soundtracks, R&B and 60s/70s Soul. They also ran the POW! club night, which saw Medway Magic fused with Indie, Alternative, Punk, Mod Revival and Brit Pop. Club running and DJing has also included promoting bands to the South West, with Big Boss Man being a regular, as well as localised bands.

Throughout his musical purveying career, Lee has been honoured to play at Looe Music Festival, The Vintage Festival at Southbank, Boardmasters Festival, Blow Up, Eden Project as well as supporting various touring bands/performers mainly in the South West.

In addition to DJing, Lee currently presents a weekly radio show (Wednesday’s 6-8pm), The Spinout Show, on online NCB Radio, with his co-host and partner in musical crime (Little Miss) Mojo, as The Speilers, they throw out musical wonders, giving you a vinyl stew with an eclectic blend, but frothing with Soul, Funk, R&B, Jazz & Exotic Delights! This will always include a fine selection of Medway Magic, wether old or new (send us your work for online air play!). Lee and Little Miss Mojo also perform as a DJ/PA collaboration.

Lee says he is looking forward to the Medway Legends weekender!

Current shakers: –

Dirty Water – Billy Larkin

It Ain’t What You Got – Jimmy Hughes

Hit The Bongo – Tito Puente

As I Look – The Rebel Rousers

African Boo-Ga-Loo – Jackie Lee