Tune in to the Spinout Show’s Medway Legends Special

Lee and EmmaHi folks. It’s been just over a week since the fun stopped, or at least calmed down a little. In due course I intend to write a little resume of the weekend, and then maybe begin to think about whether we should do it all again next year.

Until then, I must just say a special thanks to all the bands, DJs, Gerald, the folk at Dabadaba and especially everyone who came along to make it a great weekend that will remain a happy memory for a very long time to come.

Now, we’re into post-Medway Legends Weekend territory, with many great snaps and films being shared on social media. Everyone has made some new friends and few who were there will not have escaped the impact made by these two cool cats; Lee and Emma, who drove to San Sebastian from Cornwall in their camper van. They were among the first to arrive and last to leave, dragging themselves away, finally, almost a week after the last record was spun.

The pair run a regular radio show, Spinout, every Wednesday on NCB radio and last week’s edition was a Medway Legends Weekender special. You can hear it right here. Dig!



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