Talkin’ ’bout Thee Jezebels

bike2Formed from the ashes of the Neasden Bees, Laura, Letty & Lois have been tearing it up for just over a year, playing high-octane, fuzzed­up, raucous, pub­rock ‘n’ roll like a pub punch-up between Suzi Quatro, Dr Feelgood, The Stranglers, and The Who with Suzi knocking them all out.

The only band on the bill without a direct link to Medway Thee Jezebels are here because we love them and they are going to be kicking your asses on Saturday night!

They have only just returned from a hugely successful tour of Spain where they played packed sweaty gigs in Logrono, Bilbao, Pamplona, Madrid, Valencia and Alicante, but now Donostia has them all to itself.

Jezebels reviewThe Jezebels, however,  do have plenty of connections with Medway. Lois is from Folkestone on the Kent coast, where all good Medway folk head for a day at the seaside, and was (and is) the drummer for the Embrooks, long-time friends with Billy, Bruce and the Headcoatees, whilst Letty is also bassist in the Sine Waves with former Dentists/Auntie Vegetable/ Armitage Shanks/Ascoynes drummer Ian Greensmith aka Vic Templar (among many other pseudonyms).

Ace frontwoman/singer/guitarist Laura Anderson aka Swingin’ Kitten is also the band’s songwriter and has penned all four on their latest release on State Records the Mover & A Groover EP, which will be available at the Weekender and here you can read the excellent review from Record Collector.

All three are great DJs, who play a solid gold roster of northern soul, garage, psych, freakbeat, punk, glam and pop floorfillers.  Both Laura and Lois will be spinning at the Medway Legends Weekender.


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