Miss Ludella Black

Miss LBWe are delighted to confirm that Damaged Goods recording artiste  Miss Ludella Black will be making her customary appearance with the Masonics at Dabadaba on Friday night, 3rd June.

Like her namesake Cilla, Ludella made the smooth transformation from hat & coat attendant to glamorous showbizz superstar with ease. Once the gopher and merch lady at the MIC Club for those four layabouts The Milkshakes,  she was plucked from obscurity to tread the boards alongside Billy, Russ, Louise & Hilary in the Delmonas, before eventually hitting the big time with the Headcoatees. 

TheeHeadcoatees-WEBSITE-HEADER-2013After six albums and tours of Europe, Japan and America the Headcoatees eventualy imploded like Tottenham Hotspurs’ season and she returned to the quiet life in Chatham, living on her boat on the River Medway that has been her home since 1982, and pursued a successful career as a very talented potter.

IMG_2575However, the showbizz gods move in mysterious ways, and when Mick Hampshire came out of retirement and began recording and gigging again, it wasn’t long before he drafted the vocal talents of Miss Black back into the spotlight.

LudellaSince then she has recorded three albums with Mickey (and the Masonics); Bedlam a Go-Go (1995), She’s Out There (2000), & From This Witness Stand (2008) though has yet to make her debut as a Saturday night TV host.

Tickets still available…

Here’s her great version of the  Downliners Sect’s classic:

And here is Ludella taking the lead on this great Headcoatee punker from 1994’s The Ballad of the Insolent Pup. Headcoatee fans will be excited to learn that Ludella will be cheered on in San Sebastian by her dear pal and sister Headcoatee Bongo Debbie Green.


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