Bo, Chuck, Ray & Dave, & The Beatles!

Hi folks, it’s Friday. That means it’s the Weekend. It’s also only 3 weeks until the Medway Legends Weekender gets under way.

How about some youtubes of certain people without whom there would be no Milkshakes, Prisoners, Mighty Caesars, Headcoats, Gruffmen, and thus no Masonics, Forefathers, or Wildebeests. These acts truly are the patron saints of the Medway sound.

See you in 21 very short days. Tickets still available…


Here’s Chuck with a masterclass in how to make an entrance and an early example of if it’s Chuck and your Granny on bongos, then you’ve got Chuck Berry.

England’s finest; Dave, Ray, Pete & Mick.

And, finally, here’s the earliest known footage of the Milkshakes at the MIC Club, c.May 1982.


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