Medway Legends – The Film

CaligariHello everybody!

I’m Nacho Valero and I’d like to introduce Dario Garcia and Myself: thee Filmmakers.

Fortunately for you, we’re not a band with a bad name but real film makers doing their stuff in this upcoming fest.

A film? Why, about what?! You may be asking. Well, I’ll start at the beginning, but I promise to be brief.

Gabinete1We first met in Sevilla back in the late 90s when we were both studying audiovisual communication. Birds of a feather flock together; our natures and common likes – cinema, r&r, music, cookery, parties and all the ‘art thing’- quickly joined us together. We end up working on the telly, and a few years later, at the same time that the internet was filled up with countless movies to download for free, we were (in a stroke of business genius) opening a DVD rental store in our city.

You guessed it: it was not the goose that laid the golden eggs, but it was a cosy den, just the kind of place where everybody involved in music, arts, showbiz, etc. occasionally meet up. We start doing a summer fest every year with lots of short films and live music… and one thing led to another. When we finally realised that internet was not a flash in the pan, we thought: ‘Hey, what about we sell all the DVD discs and use all the money to start a record label?’ Yes, another masterstroke…

SaturnoBossesNo1So, this is how Saturno Records was born around 2007.

Since the beginning, the ‘Medway thing’ has been a real inspiration to develop our own concept of the ‘proper stuff’ on some aspects like live performing, recording, art designs, a certain attitude and life enjoying. Now that I think of that, Bruce Brand did the artwork of our first release and we booked The Masonics for our first big fest.

covers defhala hala proyectYears have passed by quickly, and there remains a good bunch of records (including four Lord Rochester EPs), gigs, tours (like that one we did with Lord Rochester and The Wildebeests), festivals, record fairs, ups and downs, and too many hours promoting your thing. Almost a decade later, we keep on running the label but we’re taking it way easier now.

Luckily, we never stopped working on audiovisual while all of this happened. I always loved storytelling (as you can see) so I worked for many years as scriptwriter,  while Dario is a bloody good filmmaker and director (Goya’s Awards nominated for his documentary about Paco de Lucia – I had to mention it).

SaturnoDJsSo here we are. Trying to put everything -past, present and future- together and doing our best to make a ‘proper’ documentary about the so-called ‘Medway Scene’. There was no need at all to convince Dario to forget about Paco de Lucia and get focused on The Milkshakes! We have to say that we got pretty excited because San Sebastian will be the start point for filming, our very first days getting behind the camera. We still don’t know what the exact subject will be and how much of the footage we’ll finally use, but we believe that there’s a story that has to be told, and this weekend looks like the perfect moment to meet not only the musicians, but many of you who somehow are a part of this thing.

So… it’s going to be a couple of guys with cameras and mics fluttering around? Eh.. yes. But don’t you fear, dear reader. The camera is not big and we’re just friendly easy chaps trying to do our bit on the Medway Legend.

It will be fun for sure.

We can’t wait to meet you all!

Nacho and Dario.


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