Check out Basking with the Basques

11143272_10152965283593317_1554705067344602183_nToday I’d like to introduce you to a new resource called Basking with the Basques. Currently just a Facebook page, the intention is for it to grow as a valuable introduction and tourist resource for Australians (or any humans for that matter) on San Sebastian and the Basque region.

The site is the brainwave of Esther Diffey, who married Medway Legends Weekender main man Gerald Diffey, in San Sebastian last June. (Yes, that’s them on the right, on the hill that towers over the bay). She said; “I love the Basque country & want to share as much information about this magical place with my fellow Australians, travellers & the Basques.

“I’ll bring you news, information and suggestions on what to do, where to go and why, whilst in the Basque country. Plus tips on; Places to stay, Places to eat, Things to see, How to get there, Answers to anything you may need.”

There are already dozens of posts on the site highlighting some of Esther’s favourite places – restaurants, bars, shops, hotels, in blogs and features, in the area.

CombIn fact, Esther’s latest post informs us that the Comb of the Wind, three spectacular steel sculptures in San Sebastián’s La Concha bay, were by Eduardo Chillida, a notable Basque sculptor, who, before becoming an artist had been the goalkeeper for Real Sociedad, the San Sebastián football team. Stick that in your pipe, Joe Hart!

You can find Basking with the Basques Facebook page here.


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