DJ Profile – Terry Darklands

Terry Darklands aka Irish Terry (pictured with his good half and his better half, Nikki)
Age 48.
Lives in Dublin.

“I became a mod in the 80s and discovered The Prisoners and from there went on to find 60s garage, freakbeat and psyche -still my favourite music to this day.

“I began DJing on the Irish and U.K. scooter rally scene in the early 90s, including Tenby in Wales, Ginger’s Egg Run in Bolton, Ayr Aces in Scotland, 3 Button Heroes in the I.O.W., GGGMGSC in Wexford & Scooter Glory in Ireland.

Terry bw“DJ spots at soul and mod clubs followed soon after and although I do less rallies these days I still DJ at clubs fairly regularly, especially in Belfast’s B-Side Soul Club. One scooter club I was in (the great goo ga moo ga scooter club) brought The Solarflares over to our rally to play.

Terry bw”Other clubs I’ve DJ’d at include Under A Plastic Cloud in Cork, For Dancers Only in Dublin & Wexford, Mind Fuzz in Dublin & Snap! in Belfast. (I also run an occasional Alternative 80s night in Dublin specialising in the more darker music from then).”

Terry’s current Top 5 Singles (in no particular order):
The Action – I’ll Keep on Holding on
The Cybermen-House of Wax.
The Daisy Clan-Glory Be.
The Gift Horses-Rosemary.
The M.V.P.s -Turning My Heartbeat Up.

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