New Releases from The Galileo 7, Thee Jezebels & Stuart Turner

stfes49 days and counting… Friday 15th April 2016 sees the release from Stuart Turner and his band The Flat Earth Society, which also features Bob Collins, of an eponymously titled fourth album. The album will be launched with a gig at the LV21 in Medway tonight, whilst 40 miles south, in Hastings (and tomorrow in London), Russ Wilkins plays his first gig with the Mindreaders in 28 years.

Stuart’s album follows very recent releases from the good folk at State Records, responsible for the latest 7″ platters from The Galileo 7 and Thee Jezebels, both of whom have recently tore up France and Spain respectively on week-long tours.

6783_1132590936775629_2413927644361480298_nLois & Mole from State Records will be selling their wares at Dabadaba during the Weekender, with a mouth-watering selection of Medway, freakbeat, psych and garage gems for you to take back in your luggage. The hardest working folk in show business, both will be playing on stage with The Galileo 7, The Sine Waves, Thee Jezebels and spinning some of their favourite sounds on the decks.

You can hear tasters of the Galileo 7‘s Cruel Bird & Nowhere People here.

Jez MoverThee Jezebels‘ release is a 4 track EP, the aptly named Mover & a Groover, which you can get a taster here.

And here is Glad I Knew You Then from Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society‘s new album, with a review and further details here.


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