DJ Profile: Mr Klin

Mr KlinAside from the bands, the tempo and temperature will both be kept at maximum levels with our roster of hand-picked guest DJs. I’ll be introducing them all to you in due course, and we kick off with Donostia local, Mr Klin DJ, who will be spinning some of his favourites on Saturday night, 4th June.

When I first heard THE SMALL FACES and THE KINKS at Basque school everything changed. From that moment I started living the 60s… and still do, right up to now.

One of my passions is play my 45s around the different clubs, festivals and parties everywhere I go.

I also organize with my partner Dani Blanco FOR YOUR LOVE – A MUSICAL JOURNEY FOR SMART MINDS in San Sebastian. A nice festival with bands and international DJs.

It’s a big pleasure to play at home with these legends. It will be a great day for everyone.

Be sure you can dance to jewels like…

THE ALLIGATORS….I feel like cryin’


SIMON DUPREE AND THE BIG SOUND… Day time, night time

THE ZEPHYRS…There’s something about you

RICK MC CLELLAN… Frozen sunshine

Many thanks, Mr Klin. See you in June.


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