Graham Day & the Forefathers

I’m guessing that if you’ve reached this page you know exactly who Graham Day, Allan Crockford and Wolf Howard are? Thought so. The Forefathers will be headlining on Saturday night at Dabadaba on June 4th.

GrahamSafe to say you can expect a blistering hi-octane performance with songs covering Graham and Allan’s 36 years of playing together, firstly in The Prisoners and since 1990(?) with Wolf in the Prime Movers and Solar Flares.

Wolf started out in show business as drummer with the legendary (with apologies for severe over-use of this adjective) Daggermen and is well-known as a sensitive and talented painter, poet, pin-hole photographer and film-maker. He and Graham are members of the great new Damaged Goods instrumental band The Senior Service, and he also had the pleasure of having Billy Childish as his singer whilst he drummed in the Buff Medways and Musicians of the British Empire. He is also has, what Barry Crier terms, ‘funny bones’. I’ll do a solo Wolf profile at some point.

I’ll also be blogging in the near-future on Allan’s Galileo 7, who will be playing on the Weekender’s opening night.

Here is one of my favourites of all Graham’s songs, which originally appeared on the Solar Flares’ Psychedelic Tantrum in 1996:

[Photo Credits: Graham by Peter Fannen; The Band by Alison Day; Many thanks]



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