Getting to San Sebastian

Whilst San Sebastian is on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route, I’m guessing that few intending to join the Medway Legends Weekender will fancy the walk.

There are three main ways of getting there:

Flying: Fly to Bilbao. San Sebastian is an hour due east of Bilbao Airport (sometimes referred to as Loiu). From the airport you can catch a bus, taxi or hire a car. If you are not intending to hire a car, then I’d recommend the bus. Turn right out of the Arrival doors and the bus to San Sebastian will be the first one on the rank. They leave once an hour on the .45 and you can pay the driver (no need to pre-book tickets). The fare is about 17 Euros each way and the final bus of the day is at 23.45.

You will be dropped at the town’s brand new main coach depot in San Sebastian, which is on the east bank of the town’s third bridge. Google ‘Paseo Federico Garcia Lorca 1, Donostia‘ to view the location. It is also incredibly close to the town’s main railway station and, conveniently, Dabadaba.

The map below shows the coach depot, the main railway station, Dabadaba and Gerald’s Bar, on the east bank of the second bridge. San Sebastian’s Old Town is the grid of tightly knitted streets in the north-west corner. The city’s main shopping area is the looser network of streets adjacent to the Old Town in-between the first and third bridges.

Federico Garcia Lorca


When returning, the bus leaves San Sebastian on the hour. You will have to pre-book your ticket. This is purchased from the desk in the new coach station marked ‘PESA’.

Taxi from the airport coasts about 170 Euros (apparently).

Train: Catch an SNCF to Hendaye, the Land’s End of France and then wait for a connection to Irun, the John O’Groats of Spain, or take a cab, as San Sebastian is only 10km inside the Spanish border. A 9 or 10 hour journey from Ashford International appears to cost around £80-£100. We travelled to San Sebastian by train last year from Livorno, Italy via Nice and Bordeaux. It took three days but it was a great journey.

Drive: You’ll know if you fancy this or not. As previously mentioned, San Sebastian is the first major town in Spain, so you’ve just got to get yourself from home through France. Once you’ve reached Biarritz you are only 45 mins from your destination.

Further information is detailed on the town’s tourist info site.


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